Secret scene shot for Nanban

Director Shankar - SJ Surya at Nanban Shooting
Director Shankar - SJ Surya at Nanban Shooting

Lately Shankar was in Ooty for the shoots of Nanban and was only happy to share his experience with everyone. Well, there were some shoots that were done in secrecy in Kovai. The Director was seen involved in one such scene which we presume is a wedding scene where Ileana has been kidnapped by Jeeva and Srikanth.

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The whole scene was carried out in utter secrecy as Shankar doesn’t like the leaking of scenes .Everyone present there was supposed to undergo a scanner check in order to re-ensure the elimination of any recording devices in the form of mobiles, cameras or other recording gizmos as there is a trend these days to float the scenes on internet.

The cast is now in Chennai after clearance of the first schedule of the shoot and Vijay is all set to hop on with by the last week of this February. Vijay apparently plays the role Aamir Khan had in the Hindi movie 3 Idiots.

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