Secret of Success behind Super Star and Ulaga Nayagan

Rajini-Kamal -The ever shining stars
Rajini-Kamal -The ever shining stars

No wonder they are the icons of South Cinema. They were stars in the age of bell bottoms, made a mark in the Tamil film industry in the seventies and eighties, dominated the field in the nineties and still continue to rock. What makes this possible for ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth and ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan? It is a host of factors, say industry experts.

Those in the industry observe that Rajinikanth and Kamal symbolise two very interesting identities in our culture.

Rajini’s humbleness and good heart had made him great while “Kamal Hassan” is genuinely pursuing cinema as a stream of study and brings out new things to the Indian Cinema.

Rajini, has the image of being ‘one among us’. Fans tend to associate his looks and complexion with a Dravidian identity. His hairstyle, walk, physique and attire have never been those conventionally valued.

Kamal on the other hand is an all-rounder who is constantly reinventing himself. His films are, in some ways, expected to fulfil some intellectual requirements of fans.

With Kamal’s Manmadhan Ambu releasing soon, social networking sites have groups of young fans discussing and speculating. Similarly, on the day Enthiran hit the cinemas, schoolchildren could be seen eagerly waiting at the theatres. Many in their early twenties had missed college or work to catch the film. This grandfather of two is no bicep-wielding hunk, yet in his veshti-clad avatar manages to make even women, who have crossed the half century mark, whistle with vigour.

Teenaged twin brothers Ajay and Vijay could hardly wait for their 11 a.m. show at Kasi theatre. Biting his nails, Ajay declared himself an ardent fan and quickly listed his favourite films of Rajinikanth. “Both of them are staunch Rajini fans — just like I want them to be,” said their father P. Rajasekar, with evident pride about the second-generation fans in the family.

The actors have been evolving their styles according to fans’ tastes.

“My son and I love Rajini, but for very different reasons. I admire his style, they like him playing the villain. When Rajini says “cool”, it is something,” says a middle-aged father.

Industry experts highlight the degree of involvement of the two actors is something younger actors should strive for.

“They did not believe in superficiality. Kamal, for instance, is forever thirsty for more knowledge on cinema. Rajinikanth puts in tremendous amounts of hard work even today”

“Both Kamal and Rajini are assets to Tamil Film Industry. I still remember in the early 80s, that we used to get up and end the day talking about them. They’ve become part and parcel of our lives.”, quoted by a bank manager.

Rajini's emotional gift to Kamal
Rajini's emotional gift to Kamal

The kind of bond and friendship between and Super Star Rajinikanth and ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Hassan, seems to be a lesson for today’s generation.

Some time back, when Kamal’s half century in the filmdom was being commemorated, Super Star Rajinikanth had mentioned that Kalai Thai (Goddess of Arts) is partial to Kamal alone because she carries him in her arms while she leaves the rest like him, Amitabh, Vishnu Vardhan, Chiranjeevi and Mohanlal to follow her, holding her hands. His adulation of his friend and contemporary artist did not stop with mere words.

Known for his benevolent deeds and words, Rajini has transformed his thoughts into a beautiful art form and had presented the same to Kamal. Needless to say, Kamal Haasan was deeply touched by his friend’s gesture. In a choked voice, full of emotion, Kamal states that the art piece will adorn the walls of his office from henceforth along with the pictures of Sivaji Ganesan and Nagesh as a standing testimony to their friendship.

The actors put in a lot of effort to make their films relevant to today’s audience.The two actors, along with their directors, are putting in extra effort to include a lot of contemporary elements in their films.

“The actors ensure that a certain kind of money is spent to make their films look and sound nice. They are technically very superior. Manmadhan Ambu for instance, is one of the first Tamil films to come out with live sound recording. It is meticulous work.”

Rajni and Kamal had earlier filled the vacuum created by MGR and Sivaji Ganesan. There will certainly be a space left vacant after Rajni and Kamal. A phenomenon like Rajni or Kamal are unlikely to happen soon, but young actors may work hard to fill the vacuum as they have age on their side.

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  1. Vasin

    I think Rajnik’s biggest contribution to our youngsters -but I don’t think he has achieved it as yet – is his stance against pleading. Pleading is a curse to our society. It actually is a short cut to gain something and originated from Hinduism. Swamys and Bhuddha begged thousands of years ago. Pleading is an offshoot of the begging culture. Pleading is ugly. Most Europeans would not plead even if you are about to kill them. Our current Chief Mnister shouted ‘Kolran’ when Police arrested him once. Disgusting.

  2. Ramachandran

    I don’t think, some body can replace Rajini, the one and only Super Star….No young actors are eligible to attain that position…

    It’s merely impossible…

  3. Vasin

    Kamal is driven, harworking, handsome and intelligent. Agreed. But he is fundamentally flowed. Just see the recent press meet he had with KS Ravikumar. He has no respect for those young journalists. For many questions he answered in a mocking style. Of course our guys ask stupid questions like ‘onga ilamayin ragasiyam enna?’ but he can’t mock them for that because they are not on a level playing field with him. If a young journalist gets angry and mocks Kamal he will probably loose his job. 

  4. Sasi

    Vasin, What were u trying to say in the first point- pleading??? 

    On the second point, i think u r too much excited about exterior appearance. 

  5. Kanchana

    Yes true Rajini is hero fo generations, my mom, myself and now my son all are fan of Rajini. we loved endhiran.

  6. Vasin

    Kenjurathu, Self-Pity..etc. Rajnik apdi characters’la pothuva nadikarathilla. He normally portrays courage. You know..If you offer your seat to a pregant woman or an old guy you won’t get a thank you here; you will just earn scorn. And as for appearance come on; it is everyone’s duty to look good; it is not a choice; because a bad sight turns off others. Just imagine; if you never knew Rajnik how would you feel if he – as an old not well kept man – grabs a seat next to you in a crowded bus?

  7. Vasin

    You’ve got it. Our grand fathers boast we secured our indipendnce in a civilised way. The world believe Indians didn’t have the heart and stomach to fight. I would aligned with Subash. We should have whacked Brits to settle scores.

  8. arya


    Unnoda aattam thaanga mudila pa…what are you trying to say here? I agree to your comment on the appearance…yes, actors are supposed to look good…but I dont get the point of pleading and comparing it with that useless fellow Karunanidhi….this scondrel should have been killed that time itself…

  9. Vasin

    Neenga sariya read pannama kutham solreenga.

    We are used to shameless pleading; athu engaluku venamnu solren. Examples; Pulla kutti karan enniya onnum pannedatheenga, Enna nambi en amma thangachi ellam irkanga enna velaya vittu thookidatheenga sar etc. People in West won’t do that. Just like that Rajnik apdi entha padathleyum panrathilla. he doesn’t plead. However I am not sure our youngsters would have got Rajnik’s indirect message.

    As for Karnan I am saying antha saga pora vayasila kooda avaruku plead pannama dignity’oda nadanthuka theriyala. He is a disgrace to our race.

  10. Vasin kodumai

    Comments kodumai..especially Vasin kodumai thaangalla pa! ‘When you say something people need to understand it. Otherwise why comment?’ Just beyond comprehension. 🙂


    guys lemme there is aloot of internet controvesy goin on bout rajni erryday i encounter some people talkin shit bout him but tha real fact he is legend n yall gottta accept with tha fact rajni is what he is…no comparmise fucker we still want our thailvar to be seen in screen no matta usa to chennai but we still accept all what he does and we sneva stop of our accpetance yall heard rajni is somethin different  yall feel me betta for those noth indian south indian fuckin haters suck a dick an get a life sorry for being so explicit but he is what it is there is no films in south indian where people rush to get tickets it might sound crazy and hilarious matta fact that tha truth rajni is in our blood no one can stop tha flow dont criticize a man in his finiest if rajni do any blunder as a fan we will encourage it and suport even belive what he did is right in his wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck all rajni haters go eat a dick and getta life bichesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Vasin

    Naanga ippo cowards. Thodarchiya Rajnik padangal paartha veeram varanum. So Rajnik contributes to the society. Sariya?

    Kamal oru particular image illa principle’a follow panni padam panrathilla. Nija vaalkayilum romba opporunistic. Sarya?

  13. Vasin

    Mela Rajnik ean successful’nu discuss pannirukanga. Naan ean Rajik thamil society’ku contribute panrarnu solli irken; he portrays Thanmaanam(don’t plead); ean Thamilar cowards’a thanmaanam illathavangala irkanga’nu solli irken. Kamal dignity illathavarnu solliruken. Epdi irrelevant?

  14. Vasin

    The Goddess of Arts’a illa Cinemava? Avunga Christian’a Hidu’a? Boy friend illiya? Vaalungala thookitu thiriyaranga.

  15. Sam

    sheer talent in acting or…..? idiot, both are superstars in different ways and style. you cannot compare them.

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