Secret behind Six packs and Zero size of actors revealed

If you thought a six-pack/ zero size is the result of rigorous work out at the gym, then sorry you are a kind of wrong . Want a six-pack like the actors?

It is now a matter of cosmetic surgery.

The one name that the film industry comes up with, almost unanimously, happens to be Dr. Karthik Ram of the Kumaran Hospital in Chennai. This cosmetic surgeon has done dozens of surgeries that will help in obtaining the much-needed six-pack immediately. The doctor, however, maintains strict confidentiality when it comes to his patients. He never discloses the names of the stars that have been on his surgery table.

To watch a demo from Karthik  click here

Other than the six-pack mania that has caught up with the stars, Dr, Karthik is also adept in several other cosmetic surgeries that has kept a huge pack of actress too close to him . He is specialised in

Liposuction ( body contouring, Body sculpting)
Gynaecomastia ( Male breast correction)
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty, Miniabdominoplasty)
Six pack abdomen (Abdominal etching procedure)
Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)
Forehead lift
Brow lift
Face lift
Dimple creation
Fat fill
Chemical peeling
Malar implant
Chin implant
Breast reduction(reduction mammoplasty)
Breast enlargement (Augmentation mammoplasty, Breast augmentation)
Breast lift (Mastopexy)
Brachioplasty ( arm lift)
Thigh lift
Rhinoplasty (nose job, Nose correction)
Hair transplantation(follicular graft)

Note: Plastic Surgery too has  cons or side effects that  are so dangerous and everlasting that can even lead to death. Various types of risks of plastic surgery include wound commotion of overlying skin and infections

The risks of liposuction include discoloration, depigmentation, numbness, bruising and pain. Facelift plastic surgery also involves various side effects such as nerve damage which makes the person’s face insensible.

The patient also suffers from mild side effects such as feeling pain in the affected part and inflammation which can disappear with the time.



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