Nikita The dirty picture

Scared Nikita opts out The Dirty Picture remake

Nikita The dirty picture

Tamil and Kannada actress Nikita Thukral is said to have opted out of the Kannada remake of the Bollywood super-duper hit film The Dirty Picture for fear that the remake version may neither fully reflect the late Silk Smitha’s life nor carry forward the sheen of the original version.

Based on the life and times of ‘Silk’ Smitha who ruled the roost for one-and-a-half decades before ending her life with a tragic suicide in the mid-nineties, the Hindi version fetched for its heroine Vidya Balan her first-ever national award for ‘best actress’. The film is now about to be remade in Kannada. Reports say that Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been finalized to play ‘Silk’ Smitha’s role.

Before Veena, some leading Kannada actresses were approached to play Silk’s role in the film but they backed out. Nikita and Pooja Gandhi were reportedly approached by a leading Kannada film producer to play the lead role in the remake of TDP in Kannada.

Pooja confirms that she was indeed approached to play Vidya’s role in the original version but said that she didn’t even consider starring in the film. “If you ask me, the Hindi version was made in a superb manner. I humbly feel the remake version might not work in Kannada. That’s why I didn’t take up the offer,” said Pooja. Nikita, on the other hand, has a different story to narrate which forced her to refuse the offer.

“Though it’s said to be the remake of TDP, I’m afraid the makers might end up making the story of a sex worker instead of an actress. The script looks like it and as such, I didn’t want to be part of it as the film may not be a tribute to the late ‘Silk’ Smitha. I felt that by staring in the film, I might be disappointing the Kannadiga fans and movie-goers. I’m happy that I’m not doing the film,” says Nikita.

Trishul, the director of the remake version, has denied Nikita’s accusations.


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