Saxena confirms talking with Rajini on a new film

Saxena confirms talking with Rajini on a new film

Saxena confirms talking with Rajini on a new film

Hansraj Saxena, CEO of SAX pictures has confirmed talking with the Super star Rajinikanth on a new untitled project with a huge offer.

Earlier last week, a new wave of excitement  was  seen  in kollywood after the leak of news that Saxena was planning to produce a new film under his banner, with superstar Rajinikanth in the lead for which he even  had offered the latter a staggering Rs.240 crores. If the offer had materialized, Rajini would  not only been the highest paid actor in India (he already is) but would  have been on par with Hollywood.

Neither Rajini nor Saxena had, however, confirmed this report. But our sources at Saxena’s Office had revealed on condition of anonymity that it was true that their boss met Rajini some days back and made the offer and added that he was still waiting for a response.

Also Saxena, who took part in the audio-launch of Sundattam , spoke briefly about this.

“Every producer in the  Tamil industry would surely love to make a film with Rajini sir in the lead. I too wanted to do it and had a meeting with him recently about it. After our initial discussions, Rajini Sir had told me that he’d need some more time to think it over. If  Rajini Sir wished so, I’m ready to make a mega-budget film with him,” Saxena said.

When asked whether he offered Rs.240 crore  deal , he replied  “If Rajini Sir gives the nod to star in the film, his fee won’t be an issue…when things are materialised , I’d reveal other details about the film!”



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