Sattapadi Kuttram Movie Review -Old wine in new bottle

Sattapadi Kutram

Cast: Vikranth, Harish Kalyan, Sathyaraj, Bhanu, Seeman, Komal Sharma, Vijay


Director: S. A. Chandrasekhar

Music: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: Anjaneyalu

Editing: Kolabhaskar

Production : S A Chandrasekhar


Prasad Raj (Prakash Raj’s real brother) plays the leader of a terrorist outfit that comprises people who have been abandoned and victimized of the failed legal system. A brief on the story line ,we see a girl Bhanu who is an ardent swamiji devotee  becoming a vicitim of his lust, lost in devotion, that part definitely reminded us of that Ranjitha tape .There is Harish Kalyan a romeo who gets trapped in drugs courtesy his girlfriend’s dad (Ajay Ratnam) who is smart enough to trick the boy into getting away from his daughter employing dirty tricks .These characters think committing suicide is the best escape but thankfully  all of them are kidnapped by  ex-ACP Chandrabose played by Sathyaraj. Chandrabose who exploits the defeated souls playing savior to them there on makes them join his gang and heads forward fighting corruption and crime.The rest is based on his vision to liberate Tamil Nadu from corruption, crime and bribery and so the story continues.

Cast Review

Actor Seeman makes as a lawyer impresses with his dead-on dialogue delivery.

Sathyaraj playing the hippie robin hood has a natural talent to act but gets over the top emotionally .

Bhanu and Vikranth, Harish Kalyan and Komal sharma have done a good job after all considering they latter are newcomers.

Positive Points

Cinematography by Anjaneyalu has effectively brought out the dark woods of Satyamangalam and its stories, Prabhakar’s art work is satisfactory too.

Negative Points

Some parts of the movie seemed to have been forced. Take the example of the cop who after being captured is not killed by the gang as is their usual code but rather introduced to the terrorist organization.Moreover, soon he is convinced of the cause the terrorist gang stands for and in return gladly supports them.We really could not believe that was the part of the plot, are we in magic land?

Average songs by Vijay Antony and below par screenplay don’t win our hearts and have brought down the movies effectiveness.


If you saw Yudham Sei, we are afraid this one will manage to capture your attention.

S.A.C films and his trademark movies are here again it is the same old story as it was in “sattam oru iruttarai” , “Naan sigappu manithan ” and “Sukran”.He still prefers to give the audience an obvious ride.Go for it if you want to cheer SAC and by the way there is also a cameo appearance by Vijay in the movie.


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