Sathyaraj wants IPL to be banned!


Actor Sathyaraj is known for his strong statement supporting Tamil people and their rights. The Baahubali actor is also an ardent follower of Periyar’s ideologies. Though Sathyaraj clearly said that he will not be entering into vote politics, he is vocal about various social issues in Tamil Nadu.

Sathyaraj says IPL should be banned and matches in Chennai must be stopped because it will divert youngsters from the protest to celebration mood. Recently Sathyaraj also said that he will not afraid even if the army comes in Tamil Nadu and ask him to shut up.

Sathyaraj’s speech irked Bharathiya Janatha Party’s leader Tamilisai who said that Sathyaraj will be afraid of IT raid and threatened the actor. Replying to Tamilisai’s comments, Sathyaraj said that he has a proper auditor and his accounts are clear. “If income tax officers had any doubts, they would have raided my place long back”, said Sathyaraj who asked politicians to not feel insecure and confirmed that he will not foray into politics.

Sathyaraj’s next big film in Tamil is NOTA with Arjun Reddy hero Vijay Devarakonda. The character of Sathyaraj in NOTA is designed by keeping late journalist Gnani in mind.


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