Sathyaraj – professor in 3 Idiots remake-Boman Iranis Role

Sathyaraj - professor in 3 Idiots remake-Boman Iranis Role

The biggest blockbuster in Indian cinema, Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, is going to be remade by a leading production company Gemini circuits in Tamil and Telugu. The ace diretor Shankar has confirmed to a news channels that he will be in charge of the remake.

3 Idiots in Hindi actually stood tall mainly on the riveting performances of the lead stars helped by a decent storyline. So in Tamil also it will be tough task to get the right cast.

Though news were abuzz about Vijay, Madhavan and Simbu are going to be the 3 IDIOTS in Tamil online film enthusiast have been working out so many combinations that is very interesting.

Sathyaraj is said to have been confirmed to do the immortal “Virus” professor played by Boman Irani. And for the only important female role played by Kareena Kapoor, sources say Shankar has Ileana in mind for both Tamil and Telugu versions. Some other sources say Trisha is also in the race.

Meanwhile, Madhavan has tweeted, “Ok folks.. For the last and final time.. I am unfortunately UNABLE to do “3 Idiots” in Tamil and Telugu.. Really sorry.”

Simbu, on the other hand, has said that it’s too early to comment as talks are still on. Simbu, who thoroughly enjoyed the Hindi flick, “There’s a message against today’s educational system that’s told in an entertaining manner”.

As no official media announcement has come from either director Shankar or Gemini Films more and more probabilities are bound to fill the air.

If this dream project takes off, then it will perhaps be the biggest ever movie in south cinema.



  1. Anonymous

    wow. . .Tats gr8. . .Satyaraj will be the pefect match for such a role. . . . .He will do better than the original make. . 

  2. Raj

    no way he can do better than original make character. satyaraj do overact sometimes. he needs a good director to make him act well.  As far as hero combination, my choice is vijay, jeeva and barath.

  3. Kumar

    first of all vijay is  not at all a good choice for amir khan's role.  where is amir khan and where is vijay?    if vijay act in amir khan's  role then it will be tamil industry's fateful year

  4. jo

    yeah,i support this 100%
    give a talented actor the play the main role
    all vijay did this recent years was humilate the the whole tamil industry by giving flop movies

  5. ABCD


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