Sathyaraj – Happy Man Now

Sathyaraj - Happy Man

Until Sathyaraj made it to the silver screen as a villain the bad guys were not loved for their panache. Sathyaraj impressed upon the audience by being a cultured villain.  His cool and casual way of inquiring “Yennammaa kannu saukkyammaa?” and his unique way of playing the host to his deserted ladylove with mock courtesy “Coffee saaptuiya” endeared him to all sections of the audience.

 Clearly, Sathyaraj is a class apart. The star, who was his jovial self on the sets of Kalavaram, his next film, made statements laced with wit and humour, much to the delight of journalists present on the occasion.

You could say that this is the first film in which I’m working without being jealous,” he grinned wickedly. A puzzled look from mediapersons evoked the following response, “Usually, directors don’t have sequences in their films in which I get an opportunity to sing and dance with the heroines. I would be jealous of the other heroes as they would have duet sequences in the film while I would be made to sit and watch. In this film, I play a senior police officer and there are four other heroes in the film. But none of them get to do a duet sequence as there are no heroines! Now you know why I’m happy.

He continued, “The plot is an interesting one. This movie focuses on the problems caused by riots. When there’s a riot, people get killed or injured. The government offers compensation and then everything is forgotten. But nobody considers the state of those families that have lost their dear ones in the riots. This movie focuses on this issue.”

The movie, directed by Ramesh, will see four newcomers — Ajay, Yasser, Raghav and Kutty— making their debut in Kollywood.


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