Sathyaraj as DCP in Kalavaram

Sathyaraj is currently busy shooting for Kalavaram, directed by D Ramesh of Ulavuthurai and Jananam fame.

Kalavaram is based on a real-life incident, and has Sathyaraj playing a deputy police commissioner who heads an investigation commission.

Talking to the media , Sathyaraj said, “Sadly, today, investigation commissions are being organised to make the public believe that something is being done about a major incident or crime. The members of the commission hold long meetings ad discuss the incident. But, their meetings are not conclusive. No one arrives at a decision. Kalavaram is about one such commission. Director Ramesh, through this film, talks about how these riots and uprisings can be checked.”

Meanwhile, when the actor  was asked  about his recently-released Guru Sishyan and he says, “The movie is based on Saranya’s problem. And all women-centric films have done well. Director Sakthi Chidambaram has given me some good hits like Ennama Kannu. He knows the pulse of the audience.

Sathyaraj and son Sibi’s combination have worked well at the box office especially Vetrivel Sakthivel and Kovai Brothers. so when asked will we get to see the pair back together on screen anytime soon?

Well, I would love to work with him again. But, it’s not good for his career. He’s steadily making his mark as an actor and I wouldn’t want to disturb his career graph,” says Sathyaraj


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    What does this useless fucker Sathyaraj knows except criticizing actors/politicians and "dhagadu, dhagadu". We will see in how many more movies he will say the same thing.

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