Sathya Priya Lost Rs 60,000

Sathya Priya Lost Rs 60,000

Popular actress Sathya Priya(55), who had acted in character roles in many films and in television serials, fell prey to the attention diversion tactic of a conman and lost her bag containing Rs 60,000 in cash, credit card, voters ID and driving licence while she waited for her parcel of food at a restaurant in T Nagar on Wednesday evening.

Police said Sathyapriya had parked her car near Ramaniyam Street and instructed the security guard of the restaurant to get her a food parcel. Soon after she rolled down the window to give the money to the guard, a man approached her saying there were a few ten-rupee notes on the ground that she might have dropped.

Sathyapriya, without realising that she had not even got down from the vehicle to have dropped the notes, stepped out to pick them up. The man, who was waiting for her to get down from the car, put his hands through the car window and escaped with the bag in no time.

Sathyapriya was not aware of the incident till the watchman handed over the parcel and remaining change. She found her handbag missing from the car and soon realised she had been conned. She lodged a complaint with the Mambalam police station. She told the police that the bag contained Rs 60,000 in cash and also her credit card, voter’s ID and driving licence.

She did not apply her mind at all when the man told her about the Rs 10 notes. She had not stepped out of her vehicle. She told us that the man was in a khaki shirt and looked like an autorickshaw driver. She admitted that it was her carelessness that helped the man to escape with the bag,” G Palaniselvam, crime inspector, Mambalam, said.



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