Sasikumar-Samuthirakani joining hands again in ‘Porali’

Sasikumar - Samuthirakani
Sasikumar - Samuthirakani

Director Samuthirakani and ‘Subramaniapuram’ Sasikumar are inseparable buddies in Tamil cinema. The duo share years of friendly bond and manifested it with the films.

When they decided to collaborate in ‘Subramaniapuram’, they struck a deal that each would direct two films casting the other in a key role.

Sasi Kumar kept up his promise with ‘Subramaniapuram’ and the recent ‘Easan’. Samuthirakani, who made ‘Nadodigal’ with Sasi Kumar, has now begun work on his next movie ‘Porali‘, in which he will cast Sasi Kumar as the hero. The film shoot will begin in February.

Retaining most of the technicians from his earlier film, Samuthirakani says, the film, like his previous movie, will have a right mixture of humour, sentiment and action.

The story of Porali,’ set in Chennai, traces the life of a rebel who challenges society, and the consequences he faces as a result of his defiant attitude.

Sasi Kumar, who plays the lead in the film, is also the producer of ‘Porali’.

On working with Sasi Kumar, Samuthirakani says, “we share a very good rapport. As an actor, he is ready to do anything I require and as a director he would ensure that I give my best in front of camera.”

Such a tight bond! Nanbendaaaa!!!!



  1. Selvam, Sivagangai

    This is a heavyweight combination. Both Sasikumar and Samuthirakani are notoriously exacting in project choice. Samuthirakani has such an eclectic style, I could see him easily finding a role that would suit Sasikumar.

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