Sasikumar not to release Poraali in Sri Lanka

Sasikumar raises his voice against Sri Lanka in support of 7aam Arivu

Sasikumar not to release Poraali in Sri Lanka

Actor-director-producer Sasikumar has announced that he won’t be making any effort to release his upcoming film Poraali in Sri Lanka. The bearded film-maker has made this decision as a protest against the Lankan government’s arbitrary action in ‘deleting’ some dialogues in actor Suriya’s 7aam Arivu which was released in the Island Nation on the eve of Deepavali (26th October).

Sasikumar has condemned the Lankan government’s action in deleting the pro-Tamil dialogues in the film. In a recent interview, he has said “All of us who are born as Tamilians do have our pro-Tamil feelings. We don’t need to open our heart literally to show our feelings. Many a time, I had myself felt the agony and pain the Lankan Tamils have suffered for long at the hands of the Lankan army.

“Whatever is within my reach, I’d do it for the welfare of the Tamils….I don’t need to narrate in detail as to what I did or propose to do. I’m determined not to award the FMS rights to Lanka vis-à-vis my upcoming film Poraali. As a producer, this decision would no doubt hurt me financially…still, I don’t mind. I don’t want to earn money through my film in a land which inflicts trouble on our brethren….

“Those Tamils who are in Lanka are surely not in a mood to watch films…Lanka’s main source of income stems from films and the tourism industry….When we care for the welfare of our race in the Island, why should we attach significance to this FMS? Not only this film, I have decided not to give the FMS rights of any of my future projects to Sri Lanka.

“If Kollywood stands united, we can deal a telling economic blow to Lanka by not giving FMS rights of all our films. I feel it’s not wrong to sacrifice our economic interest for the welfare of our brethren,” said Sasikumar. Udhayanidhi Stalin,  producer  of 7aam Arivu, has welcomed Sasikumar’s stance saying that our ‘self-esteem’ is more important than any other factor.



  1. Ranina

    if every1 would do the same…. however… the first step is made by sasikumar 😀 proud to be a tamilan! whether an indian tamil or a sri lanka tamil! tamil is tamil.. united… a team, a bound!

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