Sasikumar Quotes 20 Crores For Eesan


Director turned actor Sasikumar after having taken over the production of his directorial venture ‘Eesan’, which was earlier planned as actor Vikram’s first home production has been in talks with distributors to sell the film off.

However he is being seen as a ‘different’ person in distribution circles. The reason is said to be the exorbitant rate quoted by him.Sources say Sasikumar, who has completed the film at a budget of Rs.8 crores, is reportedly trying to sell the film off for Rs.20 crores.

When asked as to what was the reason behind him quoting such a high rate for a medium-budget film, Sasikumar has this to say: “My earlier film ‘Nadodigal’ collected an overall sum of Rs.26 crores; it’s an established fact. However, this time for ‘Eesan’, I’m only demanding Rs.20 crores, which is actually Rs.6 crore less than the profit earned by Nadodigal!”



  1. Arvind

    Kandavanellaam sambathikkum bodhu ivan panradhu thappe illa! Afterall he is investing it back in movies and producing some quality movies. Unlike the ruling family – buying all sorts of junk and promoting it as blockbusters!

  2. swami

    yes.In few days movie quality will go because of this ruling family.Then we will have to search for good movies from other countries.

  3. murugavel

    Why not? If you can pay the leading stars in Tamil cinema, who are genetically untalented, crores of rupees why not pay the same amount to a talented person. C’mon people be fair, and promote healthy cinema.

  4. Tamilmurasu

    DMK family is sacrificing their sweat and blood for the welfare of Tamil people. You are irresponsible by saying this. Without DMK family Tamilnadu will still be in the dark ages of Kamaraj.

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