Sarika says Shruti will continue to stay alone despite attack on her


Sarika Haasan, the estranged wife of actor Kamal Haasan, has insisted that despite the abortive attack on her eldest daughter and actress Shruti Haasan, the latter would continue to stay alone. “Neither would I recommend such an option nor would Shruti decide so,” says Sarika, the national award-winning actress for the Bollywood film Parzania.

Shruti was attacked by a stalker at her Bandra apartment in Mumbai last Tuesday but recovered soon enough to push him out and close the door from inside. The Mumbai police later arrested the stalker and later released him on bail. Expressing shock at the attack, Sarika said that she was shocked by the news but was sure it would have given good experience to her daughter as to how to face such situations in future.

Still looking stunning enough to give top heroines a run for their money, the 53-year old Sarika says that “Not only those in public life but even ordinary mortals come under such attacks. I have been asked many times after this attack that whether Shruti would start living with me. The answer is ‘no’.

“Shruti loves her profession a lot and attaches utmost significance to it. As such, children would love to be on their own when they grow up. As parents, we can only ask them to be careful and shouldn’t make an attempt to keep them under our control,” concludes Sarika.


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