Sarathkumar Comments on Ranjitha Issue at the Vidiya Press Meet

Vidiyal Sarathkumar

Sarath Kumar is currently acting in a film Vidiyal. With regard to this, he was speaking to the media yesterday in Chennai. During this interaction, the media asked him whether Ranjitha would be debarred from the Actors Association for having sexual relationship with Swami Nithyananda.

He replied,” A clipping regarding Nithyananda and Ranjitha is being telecast in a particular TV channel. This is very awkward. This will affect even children’s mind. Repeatedly showing this is like cutting one’s neck again and again.

Nobody can interfere if Nithyananda and Ranjitha stayed in a room on their own willingness. If they say that they got married and what is wrong if they are involved in sexual activities, what action can be taken on them. Whether Ranjitha is a member or not of the association is another matter.

Association cannot poke their noses in personal matters. In actress Bhuvaneswari’s case the matter was different. The association had to interfere because some other actresses’ photos were also published. In case if Ranjitha had reported that Nithyananda had raped her, then this association would have interfered.

We cannot interfere in anybody personal matter whatever happens after 6 in the evening. It is not job of the association to interfere in personal matters of a person. When the problem between Vadivelu and Singamuthu arose, the association interfered in their matter.

But both of them went to the Court. There are certain limitations for the actors association. We cannot exceed the limits. “

Ranjitha Portion not included


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