Sarathkumar Press Meet

Sarathkumar attempts mediation between Producer Council and FEFSI

Sarathkumar Press Meet

Even as the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and FEFSI, which represents wide-ranging employees involved in various spheres of the film industry, are at loggerheads over the wages issue to the employees and workers, uncertainty looms large over Kollywood as no solution appears in sight to solve the issue which has been dragging now for more than the past couple of months.

Neither side appears to be ready for making peace and settling the issue. The issue and the subsequent strike by the various employees have almost brought the shooting of Tamil films to a standstill. While the producers are upset that they are being ‘blackmailed’ by the workers, the latter feel that they had long been exploited without getting their due salary and wages.

The Council has said that it would try to form a new ‘Employees’ Federation’ which is lilely to make the issue murkier. Nowhere in the country would one witness the trend of the producers forming a workers’ front or body. The Council’s move was provoked by FEFSI’s announcement of an indefinite strike from tomorrow. In order to check-mate FEFSI, the Council has announced its above-said move.

Veteran director K. Balachander made a vain attempt to solve the tangle and now it’s the turn of Sarathkumar, president of Nadigar Sangam, to attempt mediatory talks between the Council and FEFSI. Sarath said that he’d talk to the concerned officials and would attempt to bring about a ‘posivite change’ as soon as possible.
Let’s hope he succeeds in his endeavour!


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