Sarathkumar as transgender in Kanchana

Journalist,  actor, politician, body builder that’s how many have known Sarathkumar.But the latest buzz is that the actor is going to play a transgender in his latest venture Kanchana.

“My role will be a surprise element. You will have to wait and watch for that.” The actor had earlier confirmed in an interview. Little did we know he was gearing up for a role as transgender.

When director Raghava Lawrence narrated the script to the actor, it appeared to him as a real challenge and he had no second thoughts on signing up for the role right away.

On further enquiry the actor confirmed that he was looking to do versatile roles rather than jumping on the same old formula.” My focus is more on meaningful roles rather than clichéd heroes who bash up a Hazar goon and runs around trees singing romantic duets.” He further added “Apart from changes in looks and body language, I am attempting voice modulation as well.”

The movie Kanchana is an upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual which is directed by choreographer-actor-director Raghava Lawrence after a long break of 3 years. The movie is seen as a sequel to Muni which had fractional elements of a horror flick!


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  1. hilarious

    interesting. we just learned about transgender and how society frowns upon them. First of all, it’ll be nice if they can portray ti well and people get the message from the movie.

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