Saranya, the most-wanted ‘Amma’ in Kollywood

Saranya Ponvannan
Saranya Ponvannan

How often one comes across a heroine who attains the status of the ‘most sought-after actress’ almost after two decades of making her debut as heroine? Saranya Ponvannan, who is referred to here, is apparently going through the best phase of her professional life as an actress in Kollywood at present.

The producers, directors and co-actors are lavishing praise on Sarayna as the perfect ‘on-screen’ mother. Saranya, readers might recall, debuted as heroine in Tamil films way back in the late eighties in ace director Maniratnam’s ‘Nayagan’ and went on to act opposite all top stars of her time except Rajnikanth.

After marrying Ponvannan in the mid-nineties and becoming a mother of two, she was reluctant to make a comeback to acting in the last decade. It was director Ameer who lured her into acting with the role of Jiiva’s mother in his critically-acclaimed ‘Raam’ a few years back. Saranya hasn’t looked back ever since, be it the comedy role in ‘Emtan Magan’ or a semi-comedy mother in ‘Kalavaani’ or an ultra-serious mother in the upcoming film ‘Muthukku Muthaga’.

Ironically, Saranya, who has never dubbed in her own voice while playing the heroine’s roles in her younger days, is speaking clearly in her own voice in all ‘slangs’ that are prevalent in Tamil Nadu. Saranya’s simplicity and no-tantrum attitude have been earning her more praise and more roles (with it, more money, of course!).

That’s why, despite her fee demand which is said to be slightly on the higher side, Saranya is being courted by all film-makers to play the mother roles.

Let’s wish good luck to the  currently leading ‘Amma’ of  Kollywood!


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