Saranam Ayyappa a new mythological serial on vijay tv(Mon-Fri)

Saranam Ayyappa new mythological serial launches on vijay tv
Saranam Ayyappa new mythological serial launches on vijay tv

Following the success of swamy iyappan VIJAY TV brings to its viewers ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ a mythological serial that depicts the miracles of Lord Ayyappan.

The serial ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ launching on November 29th would feature the wonders and miracles of Lord Ayyappan.  The most popular and widely believed story says that Lord Ayyappan had his human sojourn as the son of the Pandalam Raja.  During one of his hunting expeditions, the Raja was puzzled to hear the voice of a child on the banks of the river Pampa.  The beautiful baby with radiant face wore a bead around his neck; mythology has it that ‘manikantan’ was Lord Ayyappan.  ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ brings you the sacred truth and the story of Lord Ayyappan and his miracles.   He was born on the auspicious day of ‘magara sankranti’ and the purpose of his mortal life was to annihilate the fierce some ‘Asura Mahishi’.  Having accomplished the task, he expressed his desire to return to ‘devalog’ when the king requested a temple to be built for him.  Lord Ayyappan aimed an arrow that fell on a place called ‘Sabari’.

Ayyappan character is played by actor Kaushik Babu, actor Devan plays the role of Maharaja and actress Meenakumari as his wife.  Popular senior actress Sukumari plays the role of Ayyappan’s grandmother in this mythological fiction.  Beginning from November 29, 2010, tune into ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ airing Monday to Friday at 1800 hrs only on Vijay TV.

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    Poi Poi Poi. Swami’nga oru pakkathla poi solli eamathranga. TV innoru pakathla. Oru prayojam illa intha padanglale. Nalla Karate Kung Fu programmes’ku priority koduka mudiyatha?

  2. Vasin

    Police’a nambi irka thevalela. Onku Kungfu theriyumnu bayam irnthale thushta pasanga unkuda jakrethaya irpanga. Kadavul bayatha vida Kungfu bayam than work pannum.

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