naan-ee-movie Santhanam Samantha

Santhanam’s absence forces ‘I’ shooting cancellation

naan-ee-movie Santhanam Samantha

It is said that the shooting schedule of director Shankar’s upcoming film titled ‘I’ was cancelled due to the non-availability of Santhanam. Kollywood’s continued boycott of comedian Vadivelu and the not-so busy market of comedian Vivek has resulted in comedian Santhanam bagging more films than he would have ever imagined.

Without an iota of doubt, Santhanam is the busiest comedian in Kollywood at present. The past 2-3 years had been very fruitful to Santhanam not only in terms of starring in many number of films opposite almost all the leading heroes but they have also netted a huge sum in his kitty which has given him the courage to produce a film in the form of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya.

Even if Santhanam tells producers and directors that he won’t have his call-sheet on the dates they need, they are ready to wait for him. The request invariably is on the lines that Santhanam can come and shoot for their films on the dates he felt he would be free and that there was no binding on him. Finding no othe way, Santhanam is forced to oblige such requests.

Santhanam, who had earlier starred in Shankar’s Rajini-starrer Enthiran: The Robot, now plays a significant role in his I which has Vikram and Amy Jackson in lead roles. A few days back, crew of I got ready to shoot sequences involving Santhanam. However, due to some hiccup, Santhanam couldn’t turn up at the shooting spot as promised earlier as a result of which the shoot which was scheduled for that day had to be cancelled.


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