Santhanam Nanbendaa

Ssanthanam Nanbendaaaanthanam is the most happening comedian  at present  after having shared screen space with the Super star in Endhiran and his role playing a bigger part in the sucess of Boss Engira Baskaran.

Santhanam confesses most of his comic moments in his film aren’t planned  ones and they mostly fall into place at the shooting spot.The same was the case with Boss engira bashkaran, and the best punch that everyone included was with Nanbendaa

On this Santhanam says credits goes to the director and the hero of the film for this success. “Rajesh gave me that space to try out many things. I have a habit of talking endlessly and it was he who picked up the best from what I came up with. And Arya, with whom I’m very close in real life as well, gave me the freedom to say anything to pull his character down without bothering about his image as a hero,” he remarks.

Also Santhanam confirms he wasn’t at all influenced by the super stars use of the word in Thalapathy. “Though ours is stylistically similar, we had conceived it only as ‘Nanbandaaa’ on the shooting spot; but during dubbing, we modified it to ‘Nanbendaaa’ as it was more effective,” he explains.

On experience with Endhiran ,Santhanam says  “I’m a big fan of Rajini sir. I copy his hairstyle in school and was  punished  many time by the PT teacher. I signed Kuselan only to share screen space with him. But unfortunately, I had no scene with him in the film.  Luckily Endhiran came up, and when Shankar approached me, I signed up immediately as I could act with him. Thanks to Shankar sir, I was shooting with  Rajini Sir for almost 30 days, the set was full of fun. It was an unforgettable experience. Rajini sir after his scene shoot never goes to the caravan ,instead, he would sit with Karunas and me and speak to us. He’s a superstar in real life as well, we miss the shooting days endhiran  for sure” he gushes.



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    this guy have beeb using  double meaning in most of his comedy these days . but in boss engira bhaskaran he has come out if it and tried very casual dady to day life comedy … i liked it so much . movie was real fun to watch .kudos to the team

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