Santhanam praises Rajini

Santhanam is awed by Rajini’s comic sense

Santhanam praises Rajini

Comedian Santhanam has been making merry. The comedy actor has become an integral part of the Tamil film industry in the past couple of years. That he is young makes him a perfect foil to star along all the heroes from Simbu, Dhanush, Bharath and Aarya to the likes of Shanthanu. Santhanam has been having a great time with offers pouring in his kitty especially in the absence of fellow comedian Vaidivelu from the scene.

Santhanam has revealed an incident which serves as an ample proof of superstar Rajinikanth’s comic sense and his ways of ‘pulling the legs’ of fellow artistes and actors, albeit in a harmless way. Santhanam has starred alongside Rajinikanth in the solitary film Enthiran: The Robot directed by Shankar which released last year and ran to packed houses all over the country and elsewhere.

Karunas and Santhanam starred as ‘scientist’ Rajinikanth’s assistants in the film. During the filming of the sequences involving the trio, Santhanam said, he came across Rajini Sir’s impeccable comedy sense. Says Santhanam: “Those who don’t get to move closely with superstar Rajinikanth may not be aware of his comic sense. I had a taste of it during the making of Enthiran: The Robot.

“Rajini Sir once asked my why shouldn’t I try to learn the nuances of the song and fight routine to try and become a hero in Kollywood. I immediately replied that I’d try to do so as per his advice. Pat came the reply from the superstar when he said that my agreeing to learn to star in song and fight sequences was the ‘best comic dialogue’ I had ever uttered!” concludes Santhanam.



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