Santhanam out of Simbu's vettai mannan

Santhanam exits from Simbu’s Vettai Mannan

Santhanam out of Simbu's vettai mannan

Reports say that trouble has been brewing between ace comedian Santhanam and the temperamental Simbu. The combo which had enthralled their fans and the audiences in films like Vallavan and Vaanam is unlikely to do so in Simbu’s upcoming film titled Vettai Mannan.

The time between Vallavan and Vaanam had seen Santhanam grow into one of the leading comedians in Tamil films from that of a playing a sidekick to newcomers and established heroes. With each film’s Santhanam’s popularity, bank balance and stature in the industry had registered a steady rise over the past five years or so.

Of late, the two hadn’t been seeing eye-to-eye and had developed ‘misunderstanding’ with each other. Sources close to Santhanam say that the comedian had given dates not on a continual basis but now and then for the shooting of Simbu’s Vettai Mannan. Recently, when he had been invited by Simbu for the shoot of the film, he couldn’t spare time for the same as he had committed to star in some other film during those days.


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