Santhanam demands Rs 10 Lakh Per day of shoot

Santhanam demands Rs 10 Lakh Per day of shoot

Santhanam demands Rs 10 Lakh Per day of shootThanks to Kollywood’s continued boycott of ace comedian Vadivelu (nobody knows the exact reason, though!) and the not-so-busy schedules of other comedians such as ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, ‘Barotta’ Suri and a few others, Santhanam is making hay.  Of late, Santhanam has become an inevitable presence in almost all the films.

The comedian has also turned producer by launching a film titled Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiyaa? (KLTA).  Unfortunately, though, the shoot of the film has been suspended for the time being as ‘power star’ Srinivasan, who plays a prominent role in the film, has been languishing in Chennai’s Puzhal Central Prison after getting arrested a fortnight back for indulging in fraudulent activities.

Santhanam is said to have zeroed in on a ‘technique’ to either accept or reject offers which come his way.  The comedian is said to be taking up offers only if his part of the shoot lasts for a minimum 10 days.  If the call-sheet is asked for less than ten days, Santhanam denies the film offer straight away.  The reason is said to be his payment, which is charged on a daily basis.

Usually, comedians are paid their salaries for films in the form of daily wages.  Santhanam’s fee per day is said to have touched a whopping Rs.10 lakhs.  Whether he deserves it or not is an entirely different issue.  If he stars in a film for 10 days, he’d be pocketing a cool Re.1 crore, which is more than what a frontline heroine like Hansika or Anjali gets paid for a film.

Producers and directors who want to sign Santhanam in their films plan things in such a way that his part is over in 2-3 days’ time.    If agreed to Santhanam’s idea, the producers might have to cough up Rs.1-2 crore for Santhanam, which would dent their films’ overall budget in a great way.  Santhanam, on his part, is said to be quite intent on making  hay(money) while the Sun (market) shines!


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