Santhanam an illegal London immigrant !


Santhanam seems to be everywhere. From Rajesh’s OKOK, Delhi Belly’s remake Settai, Sundar’s Kalakalappu, it’s upcoming sequel, Naan Ee and now he is in London too. His success is credited to the characters that are in perfect sync with the storyline, rather than sticking out as different comedy tracks.

A mainstay for any film’s success at the box office these days, the young comedian has set a new trend of comedy releases at the halls. Now Vikram’s action thriller Thaandavam too has it’s comic bits handled by our delightful joker. He completed the shoots for his Settai tagging along Arya and Premgi Amaren. The three of them are sharing a room, living lives as lazy young men and dealing with things in their own way in Settai. Santhanam has completed his Settai portions and caught a flight to shoot for Thaandavam in London, UK. On route his fans mobbed him, demanding autographs and signatures from their star. Overwhelmed with their love and affection, he boarded his plane and joined the Thaandavam sets with director A.L.Vijay. His role in the film is that of an illegal immigrant from Usilampetti, who has taken up the job of a taxi driver in London. He shoots a total 20 days for the movie and we came to know that the comedian had applied to get his license sanctioned early on, to hit the London streets, without any hassles. Well until the cops don’t know about the illegal residency, things are probably under control 🙂


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