Sangeetha On Manmadhan Ambu: Kamal sir and I are almost done

Sangeetha On Manmadhan AmbuActress Sangeetha is  bubbling with enthusiasm when she talks about her experience of Manmadhan Ambu.

We shot for almost a month for the first schedule. We were rushing around like mad people, rehearsing and shooting our scenes. Though we were all abroad and sailing around in a cruise ship, work was very taxing. But I’m definitely not complaining. It was so nice to work with veterans like Kamal sir and K S Ravikumar sir. And getting back with Madhavan and Trash (Trisha) was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it,” begins Sangeetha.

When we ask her about the role in the movie and she answers diplomatically, “I can’t reveal anything about my character or the film. But I can say that the audience will have an amazing time watching the film. It will be a visual treat.”

Sangeetha says that the first schedule of Manmadhan Ambu was shot in several countries in Europe and each journey was an experience by itself. “Everyday, we would be in different countries, looking at different monuments that reflect their rich culture. At the same time, we would be busy remembering our lines and thinking how to better our performances. Though Trash and I passed several malls and stores with exquisite collections, we had absolutely no time to shop!” she says.

So, how’s her equation with Trisha? “I’ve known Trash for long. The unit members would pull our legs. They would play tricks on us and try to get us to fight, but Trash and I would get together and retaliate. There were no catfights. In fact, the two of us would help each other rememberdialogues and share tips on costume and make-up,” she reveals about their healthy relationship.

Sangeetha is also excited about working with Madhavan again. “We first paired up for Evano Oruvan. Though the two of us would laugh a lot and crack jokes on the sets of Evano Oruvan, we would turn serious once we faced the camera. We didn’t even smile on screen. But this time, the two of us kept laughing and having fun. It was a riot,” she smiles.

On a serious note, she adds, “Maddy encourages and applauds his co-stars. He boosts their morale. And if working with Maddy’s a pleasure, then working with Kamal sir and Ravikumar sir is a dream. Despite being in the industry for a long time, they are so down to earth. I loved every moment of working with them.”

Giving us details on the next schedule of the film, she says, “The unit will decide the locations in another 20 days and we should be on board soon. We’ve shot almost 65 per cent of the film in the first schedule. In fact, Kamal sir and I are almost done shooting for our parts. Only Trash and Maddy have to shoot for theirs now,” she signs off.



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