Sandhya has no films

Sandhya has no films

Sandhya the  talented Kaadhal heroine  is not on her best of times as Lady luck doesn’t seem to be smiling on her at the moment.

Sadly, filmmakers are avoiding this fine actress with a sound knowledge of the local language and instead opting for glam girls from Mumbai and neighbouring states.

Sandhya, who tried her luck in Kannada with Aaptha Rakshaka, found the film turning out to be a blockbuster. However, she did not get credit for it. Director P Vasu, who was singing praises about her performance, did not repeat her in the Telugu version of the film and instead opted for another actress for the same role.

Now, Sandhya has no films in hand and has hence gone back to Malayalam where she has started work on a new film titled College Days with Indrajith as hero. Let’s hope that the lady has a change of luck this time around!



  1. Anonymous

    people always go to malluwood after they have no films, what's up with that…

    and lately, sandhya didn't seem very happy in interviews, she is talented, but nobody cares, poor her.

  2. Anonymous

    Two things are mandatory,If you want to be a heroine in tamil industry. a) should be ready to show your skin. b) should not speak tamil. Sandhya does not belong to these categories.

    Kudos to her courage !

  3. Anonymous

    Good actresses like Sandhya….cannot survive in a industry where there is more focus on skin shows. Hope she gets a break pretty soon.

    Wish her good luck !!!

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