Sandalwood lifts the 3 year long ban on Nikita

nikita darshan

Barely two days after it imposed a 3-year long ban on actress Nikita for being a ‘home-breaker’, the Kannada Film Producers’ Council (KFPC) today revoked the ban and said that she can be signed up for their films by producers and directors. The lifting of the ban within a couple of days wouldn’t have come about but for the timely intervention of Parvathamma, wife the legendary Kannada actor Rajkumar, who is widely respected in the industry.

Muniratna, president of KFPC, announced today that the ban is off for all practical purposes. Popular Kannada actor Darshan was recently arrested by the Police for assaulting his wife and causing grievous injuries to her. It was widely reported in the Kannada press that it was Nikita’s affair with Darshan which resulted in the couple coming to blows. The Council then met and decided to impose a 3-year long ban on Nikita for being a home-breaker.

Nikita vehemently opposed the ban saying that she had been victimised for not being a Kannadiga and for being an ‘outsider’. She said that the ban had affected her professionally as well as personally. She got wide support from the film fraternity of Telugu films, Tamil films and Malayalam films who said that the ban won’t be binding on them to sign up Nikita in their future projects.

Even the Kannnada Cine Artistes’ Association had expressed its support to Nikita. At this juncture, Parvathamma intervened and said that the ban was ‘unfair’ and should be revoked. She also raised questions as to why Nikita wasn’t allowed in the first place to explain her side of the case. Parvathamma’s outburst forced the Council to revoke the ban which has made Nikita happy. She has thanked Parvathamma for her help and timely action.



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