sana khan

Sana Khan promises no glamour Dirty Picture

sana khan

Sana Khan is back in news. She is best known for her Silambattam performance and later was caught up in controversy, her name being dragged mistakenly for the arrest of another small-time actress from Mumbai  also named Sana, for prostitution charges. The Silambattam lady plays lead in the Malayalam version of Dirty Picture.

Inspired by the national award-winning Vidya Balan flick, Director Anthony Eastman, who incidentally introduced Smitha in Malayalam is making a Malayalam version of it. Playing lead role in the movie will be Sana who had some interesting news to share. While the original saw Vidya Balan shedding her good girl image and going for the sultry poses , Sana’s Malayalam Dirty Picture will be different. Reveals the actress,“ I feel so fortunate to do this role. Silk Smitha was not just a lady doing item numbers she was also a very wonderful actress. My role in the movie will not be glamorous.” In the past, Sana has openly voiced her opinion on South Indian actresses and their drinking habits saying, “I have seen them staggering under influence of alcohol.  But that does not come to light. They carefully conceal those.” Nevertheless producers don’t have a problem signing her up as she has a full bag of releases lined up down South namely Climax in Malayalam and Thalaivan in Tamil alongside the Dirty Picture. Fans will have to wait, to catchSana’s Dirty Picture onscreen i.e. without the oomphy factor.


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