Allari Naresh in Poraali

Samuthirakkani impressed by dialect of Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh in Poraali

Samuthirakkani’s upcoming directorial venture would be Poraaligal starring Sasikumar in the lead. Swathy, who won many hearts with her magical eyes in Subramaniapuram, gets to pair up opposite Sasikumar in Poraali. Samuthirakkani says that the film deals in detail with the day-to-day struggles a common man has to undergo in his life and the various ‘techniques’ he devises in overcoming those hurdles.

“Sasikumar plays a commoner who faces many problems and solves them in his own way. The film has Swathy opposite him. Vasundhara of Peraanmai fame and Naresh (who debuted a few years back as hero in Kurumbu) play significant roles in the film as the script narrates the stories of all the lead players. The theme is simple: it drives home the point that everyone has to become a Poraali (warrior) to survive.

“In between action, romance and comic sequences, I have tried my best to convey what I set out to convey at the beginning of the film’s shooting. Sasikumar has grown long hair for his role in the film; he also comes in another ‘get-up’ in the film. For Swathy, it would be a very different role than the one she played in Subramaniapuram.

For Naresh, it would be a good comeback of sorts. Though he is a Telugu guy , Allari Naresh has spoken Tamil dialogues nicely. His Tamil dialect impressed me and that’s one of the reasons why I signed him up for this film. For a change, popular comedian ‘Ganja’ Karuppu would be playing a ‘character role’. I’m sure Sundar C Babu’s theme music in the film would impress everyone,” concludes Samuthirakkani.


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