Sameera Reddys Scuba diving experience

Sameera the mermaid
Sameera the mermaid

Just when we were wondering where is Sameera Reddy(Sam) , the actress gave us news saying that she had got some free time and made full use of it enjoying Scuba Diving and soaking up the warm sun in the The Kingdom of Thailand.

It seems Sameera has developed an addiction to this wonderful marine experience so much that she even got herself a new set of scuba diving gear. The actress is aiming to increase time and stamina to stay longer underwater.

A totally excited Sameera told us “It was a really refreshing experience. Scuba diving is really close to my heart and is the thing that I love to do and you guys would definitely like the video as much I enjoyed my dive treating myself to the beautiful marine life down here.”

Something is really cooking, is our mermaid making any preparations for a new underwater flick?

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  1. Vasin

    Hi @abcd. Not seen Anoushka. I saw Sameera in Varanam Aayiram; recently only; hey; such confidence; who is she? googled; found more stuff on her; remember reading she studied in a top college or a school too; more than that it appears she puts her body through some hard excercises.

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