Sameera Reddy to purchase mansion in Chennai ECR road

Sameera Reddy to purchase mansion in Chennai ECR road

Sameera Reddy is on a house hunting spree. She has planned to shift her base from uptown Mumbai to Chennai’s ECR road. Infact Sexy Sam plans to set up a lovely mansion in the city and rest for a while, basking under the Chennai heat. Sameera known for her lush spending ways (and yeah her love for scuba diving) very recently picked up her favorite estate in Mumbai among the ‘it’ crowd.

With many fruitful offers falling her way after her big flick Vaaranam Aayiram clinching a soft spot in the heart of millions…(oy…….we did cry during those city bombing scenes…) Sameera seems to have made a smart move, in an effort to cement her legs down Chennai.It’s heard that the gangly actress will be paired opposite star-actor Vijay in his upcoming Gautham Menon movie Yohan: Adhyayam Ondru, which kicks of in 2012.Apart from that her now running pic Vedi alongside suitable  match Vishal is also charting a favorable success story for the actress.

Wish you all the luck Sameera, try to get someplace close to Mayajaal , or maybe the Dolphin City  or even better the Crocodile Bank (hehehe 🙂 just wanted to scare you with that last one.)




  1. Pool Pandi

    She must be 35…wikipedia fulla poi..30 vayasu than agutham ivalukku…Asinnuku innum 20 vayasunu potruku…lol

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