Sameera Reddy getting cured from Sleepwalking disorder

Sameera Reddy Sleeping disorder

Sameera Reddy’s last film in Tamil was the psycho-thriller ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ which was directed by the actress’ mentor in Kollywood, Gautham Menon. The film didn’t do as well as expected and as it to add insult to injury, the film’s script was put to sword my many critics who felt that the story was in no way ‘suitable’ to Tamil culture. In a freewheeling interview, Sameera talks about the film and many other things including her sleepwalking disorder.

“With great difficulty, I have come out of my habit of walking in my sleep(Somnambulism). Actress Shilpa referred me to a doctor which helped me a lot as I’m almost out of the habit now. Still, whenever I shoot outdoors, my assistant locks up my room and keeps the key with him to avoid any ‘mishap’!

“It’s not me alone; even Gautham would like to forget the film in a hurry. Even after 100 years from now, our culture wouldn’t permit us to attend things shown to be occurring in the film. In my opinion, ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ is a classing example of the rule that one shouldn’t break accepted norms and cultural behaviours. My upcoming film ‘Vedi’ gives me immense satisfaction as for the first time in Tamil films, I have a hero in Vishal who matches up to my height.

“Vishal is a jolly and jovial person. I was amazed at his performance in Bala’s Avan Ivan; I’m sure he is in the reckoning to win the national award for ‘best actor’ for the film. I play Bengali college girl in the film, which is an action film. The shooting is almost over with just a couple of songs remaining to be shot. I’m happy to be building my own dream house in Mumbai’s Juhu locality where I’d be shifting in November.

“It’s Gautham Menon who’s responsible for all the name, fame and popularity that I’m enjoying among Tamil audience at present. Without ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. He sure is a special person in my life; whenever he calls me to star in his film, I would immediately allot call-sheet dates without even bothering to listen to the script,” concludes Sameera.



  1. Smile

    Why are they revealing her personal stuff?
    Vishal matching to your height? What about Maddy in Vettai?
    And the film “Nadunisi Naaygal”-Worst film in Gautham menon’s history.So creepy!

  2. Vasin

    Dream House a? OK OK panam irntha pannikalam; illina kuda oru vali irku. Keep yourself so fit; everything aroud you would look nice; bus terminus la kuda happy a thoongidalam….

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