Sameera Reddy doesnt regret not getting to play solo heroine

Sameera reddy on solo heroine

Sexy Sameera Reddy doesn’t mind starring in multi-starrer films or films which have more than one heroines. The actress, who is 3-films old in Kollywood, has a huge number of fans compared to some established actresses. Sameera debuted in the Suriya-starrer ‘Vaaranam Aayiram‘ a few years back. She then starred in Ajith’s ‘Asal‘ and in Gautham Menon’s thriller ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’.

Except ‘Vaaranam Aayiram‘, other two films didn’t do any wonder at the box-office. Sameera, though, has a couple of projects on hand including ‘Vettai‘ and ‘Vedi‘. In ‘Vettai’, directed by Lingusamy, she shares screen space with another beauty Amala Paul. The film has Madhavan and Aarya playing the male leads. In Prabhudeva-directed ‘Vedi’, Sameera is paired opposite Vishal for the first time.

Though born in Andhra Pradesh, Sameera grew up and got educated in Mumbai. She is juggling her Bollywood and Kollywood careers with ease. Speaking to newsmen recently, Sameera said that the shooting of ‘Vettai’ is proceeding at a brisk pace. “I’m paired opposite Maddy in the film and plays a homely girl. I hae even tried the Chettinadu dialect for my role in the film. I assure all my fans that very soon I’d start dubbing in my own voice in my films.

“I don’t mind being part of multi-starrers or in films with more than one heroine. Even heroes have come to accept the fact that multi-starrers are the order of the day. May be, the number of duet songs I might get in multi-starrers might be less; but it does provide me plenty of opportunities to visit many foreign countries. If the script is a powerful and the character I play is an impressionable one, I won’t even mind appearing in just five or six sequences!” concludes Sameera.



  1. Smile

    I liked her only in Varanam Aayiram.I am surprised that she has a fan base in Tamilnadu.Good that she’s not fussy.

  2. Vasin

    Heeeeyyyy….Look..She does weights training; see her left arm! Now I know why she has lost the lovely Indian female look after Vaaranam…sorry for my earlier comments dispising her for looking like a male…she has done the wrong selection on training methods to remain physicall fit but the fact remains she is well educated, always makes sense when talking, most beautiful and sexy..I like you again Sameera. 

  3. Vasin

    Aama. Aana Vaaram la alaga thaane irntha. She tries har to be physically fit; may that has affcted her appearance; but she I mean the intangible she is beautiful and respectful.

  4. Smile

    Mazhai kotto kottunu kottapogudhu.First time in Kollytalk history Mr.Vasin has spoken decently without any vulgarity.

  5. Smile

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  6. Smile

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  7. .

    Is it really that hard for people to write with proper grammar. No offense, smile, but that is real hard to read, no spaces, random punctuations, words close together, do you expect people to read that? Just my opinion, don’t take it in the wrong way.

  8. Smile

    @. Actually that was meant for Vasin only.He removed his and I too but I don’t know how it’s back.I agree with you that it’s quite hard to read it.I just wrote whatever came to my mind and posted it without revising.My apologies for that.Thanks for correcting me.

  9. Guest

    i’ve been visiting kt blogs for many months now. this @Vasin blabbers west but i think he is very indian at heart. actually he is more indian than many. the real difference between west and us is once we start liking or respecting someone we wouldn’t go back on it easily. that is exactly why we live with our husbands till the end. that is exactly why india and indians are the best in the world. that is exactly the culture we are most proud about. bec of this our children will respect us so won’t drop us in care-homes. this @Vasin showed respect to a few males and females in kt like @Smile and maintained it even when they ran him down. @Smile rightly punished him for his offenses but failed to acknowledge the good side of the poor guy.

  10. Smile


    I agree he showed respect to me but at times,he was bad too.My idea was not too punish Vasin or send him away.KT is a blog for one and all.Anyone and everyone are free to comment regarding tamil cinema.So who am i to stop a person?What irritated me was,in each and every comment of his,he used to compare Indians with Westerners.As if that was not bad enough,he never failed to add his signature word,F!!!.I mean there are so many decent people out there,women,girls reading our comments so we should be appropriate.If he was proper at that,then why would he have so many haters???It’s just not me.So i tried to amend his mistakes,not to chase him away.He got angry bec i addressed him as a brother.I treat him as a brother.So what’s wrong in that?He couldn’t take that also.I guess he got angry with me and so stopped visiting this site.What’s my fault here?

  11. Guest

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  12. Smile


    You had stated that i ripped Vasin apart infront of one and all,may i know what made you say that?In what way have I insulted him?

  13. Vasin

    Hi Guest, Smile didn’t rip me apart. @Smile doesn’t like my attitude and writing style. She just explained. It did hurt because she has an orthodox straight forward aura about herself so what she says merits serious consideration after all. I had a good analysis on what she said last night after returning from work; what she says don’t have sufficient back up; they are just like what Indian Swamys say. I am convinced what I have been doing and saying are right; criticising Indians; criticising ourselves; trying to make us think rather than being in fool’s paradise. Your observation that Indians are best in the world because you don’t leave your husbands till the end also is not convincing.

  14. Smile

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  15. Vasin

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  16. Smile

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  17. DK

    Amma Thaiye smile..dai dubakoor vasin n ur creation guest…daivvu seithu intha website’ye dating website’a akidathinge.already there are some guys who are abusing just because we spoke kannada..kollytalk’ye verum tamil movies pathi pesarathu better’nu naan sollren..ille’na come lets all be together n rip everyone who talks ill about our family n just for a sake comments here??its for all u guys..vasin,june,smile,Kh,archana,chinna r,arvind,sm,ram,vasu n all..can we support each other??

  18. Vasin

    I removed my comment as I stated in it. Yours too was gone with it as yours was threaded to it. But I got your message. I won’t reply to your comments again unless you come into my comments. If I do I will show my objection in a new sub thread. No hard feelings.

  19. Smile

    @DK.Pls mind your business.No one is dating anyone here.Unless you know what’s going on,don’t bother giving comments.If u have got an issue with me or my comments,go ahead and flag me but don’t blabber nonsense.

  20. Vasin

    Hey Smile Romba kovichukariye …Niyayamava irku? Thittarathu Nee, Kovichukarathu Nee, Dispise pannarathu Nee, Ignore pannarathu Nee…

  21. Vasin

    Hey Smile Romba kovichukariye …Niyayamava irku? Thittarathu Nee, Kovichukarathu Nee, Despise pannarathu Nee, Ignore pannarathu Nee…

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