Samantha feels bad on her flopshow


The very gorgeous Samantha is not at all contended and feels she is yet to make a real impact. Her notable performances include the Gautham Menon flick Ye Maaya Chesave and the other Telugu flick Brindavanam. Her latest Tamil flicks Baana Kaathadi and Mascowin Kaveri received a below average response.

The lady is not at all happy with the response and insists that she wants to do more, and deliver better performances to make up for the flop show.

Poor Samantha is really upset and she has made up her mind not to celebrate this New Year with her friends. She says “Aargh! All my friends are leaving on a holiday for this New Year .But I am in 2 minds as usual. I feel I didn’t work hard enough to deserve one.”

Come on Samantha don’t go so hard on your self, things will surely fall into place.



  1. Vasin

    Baana..Moscow.. ellam or padama? Onnume illiye athla? Naane athu mathri padam eduthdlame 🙂  Flop aagama verenna pannum?

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