Salman to play Vikram’s role in Bala’s Pithamagan Hindi remake


The much-appreciated Pithamagan finally goes to seek a wider national audience. The film, which won many awards and accolades for Bala and the lead actors in the film, is to be remade in Hindi by Satish Kaushik who has made many Hindi remakes of popular Tamil films including Bala’s earlier film Sethu which also Salman Khan in the lead.

Salman would again be playing the lead role in the Hindi remake of Pithamagan. He would be playing the role essayed with aplomb by Vikram in the original version. Vikram’s performance in the film also won for him the coveted national award for ‘best actor’. The actor to step into Suriya’s shoes is yet to be chosen, it is said.

Released in 2003, Pithamagan happens to be one of the most realistic films to have ever been made in Tamil and had its script set against the backdrop of a village in the Western Ghats in Theni District. It was the only film which brought together Vikram and Suriya for a film. Suriya’s performance was also widelya appreciated by the critics. Maestro Ilaiyaraaj’s music was one of the pillars of strengths of this film.

Talking about his remake effort, Kaushik says “I loved the script of Pithamagan and am in the process of making subtle and minor changes in the script to suit the North Indian aueiences. I felt that Salman would just be perfect in Vikram’s role. Other actors and actresses are yet to be selected. The film’s shooting would be commencing soon,” he concluded.


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