Salman Challenges South India :"Let them ban me"

Salman Challenges South India :Salman Khan,the biggest star attending IIFA 2010 in Sri Lanka is not concerned about the warning from the South Indian Film Industry for attending IIFA.
Reacting to statement made by Tamil Film Producers’ Council VP Anbalaya Prabhakaran that Salman should be banned, Salman said “let them ban me.”

The entire South Indian Film Industry had expressed their displeasure regarding the presence Indian actors at IIFA in Sri Lanka.

After the south Indian film industry bodies made an appeal to boycott the event all the top super stars from the film industry listened and stayed away.

Now the SIFCC is raging over these  Salman Going a step over  and speaking in a provocative tone “let them ban me’.

These confrontational outbursts have further also irked FEFSI,the powerful body  in film circles to hold an emergency meeting of its executive committee to decide further actions to be taken.



  1. Anonymous

    aryans will never bother the sufferings of dravidians and dravidians will prove who dravidians are….. just wait and see… salman khan or chengis khan you will never deserve anything you want….The land of Chera Chola and Pandiya and by the power of all the dead soul of the holocaust….hehe finally … Your own mafia will tackle you…… good luck…….

  2. Anonymous

    why the stupid indians fight among themselves…..tats why other nations invaded us in the past…..arseholes try to settle things and be friendly…why south indians are being very selfish and north indians are careless??? indians should be united …doing boycotts are not gonna bring people who died from the cruel hands!!!try being friendly from now on and forget the past…think abt the future useless buoycotters!!!!!! this kind of action will make it more serious!!!!!! think wisely!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Indian Government gives voices when 5-6 hindi walas are beaten up in Australia. But when it comes killing over a 1,00,000 Tamilians, you dont open your mouth and support the opposite party in the killings.

    Thevi..ya pasangala.

    Are tamilians so downclassed to you Aryans,

  4. Anonymous

    Mansula Periya paruppunnu ninappuu..

    On Supporting Srilanka, you are creating division among Indians.

  5. Anonymous

    Salman khan is a bastard..who run behind Bollywood bitches… He is no fucking way an actor….Stupid people…

  6. Anonymous

    Stop talking about Salman, MK the old AOle where tn people are the slaves of his family and betrayed the tamil. its the tamil people to be blamed for having him as the leader he should be kicked first…..

  7. Anonymous

    he was supposed to remake bodygaurd malayalam movie in should be banned first and he should not remake any other south Indian movies ……..

  8. Anonymous

    India as a country is a land of unity in diversity. we need to include one more in that , india is a land of unity in diversity with partiality. why dont the indian government and the north indians treat south indians as their citizens and brothers.

    who are north indians? they never belong to india. they came in from persia and started calling their land as india. we dravidians are the sun of the soil.

    people never knows history, why the hell salman is treated as a big guy. why we need to film his movies in Tamilnadu. no tamilian should work for his film.

    north indian bastard doesnt even know the centiments of tamils. we are the one who donated highest amount for whatever calamity happened in the ocuntry. but the country and their so called citizens never thinks about us.

    all we need is a seperate nation for tamilnadu. we can live on our own. why to think about all these ass holes.

    no north indian should reside in our homeland, if he has guts he should come and say this in tamilnadu.

    feared bastards. we ran a seperate military for 30 years which was never defeated in a ethical war. dont play with us bloody bastard

  9. Anonymous

    Some one said forget the past and move forward- this cannot be used in crimes my friends. Only solution to this whole mess is a free Tamil Nation, be it Tamil Nadu or Eelam.
    Tamils have lost their identity cos of Indian Nationality. People in the international community wonder if u say you are a tamil from India. They say "I dint know Tamils lived in India". India is portrayed as a Hindi nation to the outside world, hence the name IIFA.
    We need a freedom movement to win back our identity.

  10. Anonymous

    Awards are more to them rather than people getting killed…. Most of the Hindi actors have links with Underworlds….they are inconsiderate fellows….He should ashamed of himself…

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