Sadha talks on her relationship with Madhavan


Rumours were spread relating Sadha and Madhavan. Though they were rumours Sadha doesn’t want to let it go. Sadha took the opportunity to thank Madhavan for all his help to her. Sadha’s answer is a big no to reports that she had a relationship with Madhavan, his co-star in films like ‘Edhiri’ and ‘Priyasakhi’.

Sadha says “He helped me a lot in my attempts to learn Tamil. I am thankful to him,”. Clearing the air, the actress adds: “we had to do some intimate scenes in ‘Priyasakhi’ since we played the roles of a newly married couple. This has become an enough reason for some people to spread rumours. He is a great colleague and I am very close to his wife Saritha.”

The ‘Anniyan’, actress, who makes a comeback in Tamil
cinema with ‘Puli Vesham’, says, “it is an unfulfilled dream to work with P Vasu sir. So I grabbed the offer when he approached me to act opposite RK in ‘Puli Vesham’.”

On the difference she finds between Hindi and Tamil film industries, Sadha says, “I don’t see any big
difference since both industries are full of professionals, whose only aim is to leave their mark in the movies they work. I am happy and comfortable in all languages.”


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