Sadha joins People for Animals

Sadha is not a busy lady these as she used to be hence seems to have taken up the cause of abandoned pets and strays. The actress recently lent her support to People for Animals,an organisation working for the cause.

Talking to press, the actress says, “I’ve always had a liking for animals. But because of my time schedule, I’ve never been able to have a pet. But that doesn’t stop me from helping the strays. In fact, recently, I’d rescued a puppy in Mumbai and helped a church in adopting him. And, when shooting in Sarjapur in Karnataka for a Kannada film, I found a pup abandoned in the deep jungles. It had no food, no company and no shelter.I got him with me to Mumbai by road and I’m making arrangements for it to get adopted. I’m also nursing a pigeon back to health after it hit itself in a window sill in my apartment.

She adds, “Earlier, I had no idea about the organisations that helped in rescuing animals. But now, I’m all set to go on a drive to protect them.

After the likes of Madhavan and Trisha, Sadha is the latest to take up the cause of showering love and affection towards animals.



  1. Awsome

    <span>looks sadha dont have any offer for films anymore resulting her to work with animals. she should have choose </span>veterinarian as her carrier

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