SA Chandrasekhar invokes the wrath of Hindu Organization

sa chandrasekar

Hindu Dharma Sakthi(HDS), an organization promoting Hindu Vedic traditions has approached the Madras High Court with a plea that the Union government and Central Board of Film Certification be directed to revoke the censor certificate issued to Tamil film ‘Sattapadi Kutram’, directed by S.A. Chandrasekhar.

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The petition was filed by Deva Senathypathy, secretary of Hindu Dharma Sakthi (HDS). According to the petitioner, the film contains several scenes hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. Members of the petitioner’s society were shocked while watching the movie in which one of characters, dressed as a Hindu sannyasi/guru wearing saffron clothes was involved in illegal, deceitful, immoral and dishonest activities, the petitioner said.

“The producer and director of the film had created the character with a mala fide intention to hurt the religious feelings and faith of Hindus,” the petitioner added.

HDS alleged that there were scenes that depicted the judiciary in bad taste too. “The director had been highly irresponsible in his unwarranted interference with the judiciary,” it said. “A representation was made to the authorities to take action against Chandrasekaran and two others, but to no avail.”

The petitioner sought a court direction to the director of the film to remove all “unwarranted scenes” from the film.

Justice P. Jyothimani, before whom the petition filed by Deva Senathypathycame up for hearing, said, “The counsel for the petitioner is permitted to privately serve notice on the Union government, CBFC and city police commissioner.” Advocate M.T. Arunnan will be  Chandrasekhar’s counsel. The next hearing of the case has been posted to April 11.



  1. abc

    Dont the Hindu organization have any other work…this movie itself will not run…these guys are giving free publicity….makkale pakka mudiala nnu sonna padatha enda pakatheenga pakatheengannu solreenga….adhan pakkalaye

  2. raj

    The Hindu organizations are just a big BULL SHIT. Just watch the movies and enjoy the entertainement instead of screwing around. These Ass**& dont have any other job. and CAnnot tolerate the truth

  3. super man

    Vijay and his family are christian racists. Their religious frenzy will be reflecting in their movies frequently.
    The only job of christians in India is to critisize and preach against other religions especially hindu and to convert people to christianity and earn money from the foreign charities.
    Only hindus will be calm if any other religious persons were critisizing them. Why don’t they make a pastor to act on doing illegal activities in the movie? Haven’t you ever heard of a pastor doing sexual mistakes?
    in every religion there are fraud preists and pastors. But we should not critisize their religion in whole.

  4. Veluraj

    If we carefully see the way S.A.Chandrasekar and Vijay’s movies, they clearly promote only Christian artistists . They give repeated chances to only Christian artists like Nayanthara , Asin , Vijay Antony , Seeman (Simon). They also try to portray Hindus in poor light in their movies. Vijay also makes sure that he supports only Christian institutions only through his actions.

  5. krishnan

    hi loose pasangala watch whole movie,another pastor’s sex scandal also shown.fools dont support bliendly

  6. Naidu

    Dei nara payalae Superman..Un mujilae en pecha kaiya vaikae.. unakku supporta liked by 4 people. Yellarukum serappu adi than. Hav u guys seen the whole movie, witout watching d whole movie how can u guys blame on others. Dei super man mudinu erru summa comment updated pannanum nu comment pota approum un soothuku gotta dhan.

  7. Jai

    Ivanukum ivan maganukkum May 13 ku piragu irukku kummanguthu. Aadadhada manitha romba aatam potaa adangiduva manitha. This fellow changed his religion from Hindu to Christian just because of fame. he is a Scheduled caste. What a hell? It’s shame. 

  8. Jai

    Un jathiya (SC) maraika nee christianity follow pandra. Pathiriyargalum pathirimargalum pandra setaya vidava da naaye.

  9. Jai

    Unaku thairiyam irunda nee oru SC nu solluda parpom. Aduvum Pudukkottaila poyee sollu da neeyum un mavanum

  10. Raghu

    Joseph Vijay and SA.Chandrasekar are Christian fanatics. I also heard that Vijay forced his wife to convert to Christianity and banned her from going to temple. He forced her to go to Churches only.

  11. Ravi

    S.A.C is SC. He falsely states his caste as Pillai to confuse people. let him openly say where he was born and his parents details.

  12. S Kumar

    Hindus are worst people, SAC and Joseph Anna are original christians, first understand, hindus eat nonveg in the form of ghee and curd and praise themself as hindus,

  13. Toby Gonzaga

    I just read the above comments and I am saddened to think that such hurting comments have been made against film director Chandrasekar. I know him to be a good Christian. A good Christian never hurts anyone’s feelings.Since this is a country with 80% Hindus most of the movies have only Hindu background. On the other hand I find that in many movies criminals and prostitutes are shown wearing crosses around their necks or are given Christian names. But the Christians have always been tolerant.

  14. mani

    Comment:SAC and his son vijay is pillai. They are like christian. So they are convert to christian pillai. They are not sc. Only Sc mattum than christianku convert aavangala. Other cast yarum convert agalaya?

  15. prince

    All are humans love all do not disrespect because of caste or creed am stunned by most of the comments above vivekananda said kerala is a madhouse visa vi caste madness i think india is a madhouse visa vis attitudes for or against caste

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