SA Chandrasekhar

SA Chandrasekar sacked from president of TFPC

SA Chandrasekhar

“Why should I quit as the president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC)? I’m here to do everything possible for the development of the quality of Tamil films and doing my best. What is the need for me to shun my responsibilities,” asks Chandrasekar, president of the Council in the aftermath of the split in the Council and the mass resignation by around 20 office-bearers of the Council a couple of days ago.

The Producers’ Council is at loggerheads with the Film Employees’ Federation of South India (FEFSI) on the issue of increasing the wages and salaries of film employees and workers. The impasse has put the breaks on the shooting schedule of more than 50 films under production and has thrown the industryin turmoil.

Some of the Council’s office-bearers, who assured they’d try to seek an amicable settlement in the presence of the Labour Welfare ministers, retracted their words afte they emerged from the meeting. Not only did they resign en masse but they also floated a new Council in protest against SAC’s functioning and his handling of the crisis. Ironically, the same produces who tried their best to break FEFSI some time back find their own Council split today.

SAC was elected president only last October after elections were held. The dissident producers are planning to convene the General Body meeting of the Council by end-April or early-May. SAC, however, has declared that the dissident Council is not a proper foum and doesn’t have the rights to convene the general body meeting or sack him from the presidentship.

“I’d last my entire term as president of the Council and do everything possible at my disposal for the welfare of Tamil films,” says SAC.


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