S.A.Chandrasekhar: Don’t ask about Vijay and Politics

S A Chandrasekhar in veluthu kattu

S. A. Chandrasekhar is advertising his film ‘Veluthu kattu’ by conducting press meets throughout Tamil Nadu. S.A.Chandrasekhar is not directing the movie; but is producing ‘Veluthu kattu’. New face Kathir plays the lead role in the film. Three new face heroines are also introduced through the film. S.A. Chandrasekhar takes the whole team to all the press meets throughout the State.

In a recent  press meet at Tiruchi, S.A. Chandrasekhar gave comments that no one can stop Vijay from entering politics. It seems there was huge opposition to those dialogues. S.A.Chandrasekhar has stopped making comments about Vijay entering politics.

S.A.Chandrasekhar while addressing the press in Vellore, “The story of the film ‘Veluthu kattu’ is new and different from all other films. This film is based on my life during my childhood and teenage story. I am sure that this film will be a hit. I have introduced Vijay, Simran and Vijayakanth to the cine field and they have turned out to be very successful in their life. I am introducing Kathir in this movie. In order to take the film in the likes of the youngsters, I have introduced a Andhra born and Karnataka brought up girl in the film. One more girl from the village side is also getting introduced through the film ‘Veluthu kattu’.
When asked about Vijay’s failure in the recent film and the problem with the theater owners association, S.A.Chandrasekhar added, “Please don’t ask about Vijay and politics to me. This press meet is fully for the promotion of ‘Veluthu kattu’ movie only.



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