S A Chandrasekar: Vijay is the emerging leader


S A Chandrasekar has shaped Vijay into a leading actor in the industry and it’s now time for him to mould his son as a successful politician. He describes Vijay as an emerging leader who would serve the society by entering politics in future.

Today’s worker is tomorrow’s leader. My son is working for the betterment of the people today. And I am hopeful he will become a leader tomorrow,” Chandrasekar said in an interview.

There is a gap in politics now. People feel that they are in need of a good politician. An actor can bridge the gap and he can create a change in the society. But he should be prepared to undergo all struggles,” he reportedly said.

Talking about his production venture ‘Veluthukattu’, SA Chandrasekar says, “it is a story set in the backdrop of a village. The script narrated by my assistant Senathipathi impressed a lot and I immediately came forward to produce it.



  1. Anonymous

    polappu ketta appam paiyan thalaya serachanam… porukki pasanga ellam arasaluku varanunga… vadivelu styl-la sollanumna.. aiyo aiyo…

  2. mose

    intha year oda big comedy ithu than da sami seripu thanga mudiayala
    eppo ellam yar venumnalum politics la varalam, but vijay mathiri panni yelam vantha….. politics la animals ellam ola vidamatanga …..

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