Roja to join AIADMK

Roja to join AIADMK

Actress Roja who had established her own brand image in the Kollywood arena by acting with all the top actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijayakanth and many others, had quit the films and went to Andhra politics.

Now her sight has once again fallen on the Cinema side. She is making her re-entry in Kollywood through ‘Kavalkaran’ which has Vijay in the lead role.

Roja also has revealed her interest in making an entry in Tamilnadu politics.

The actress said, â€œThough I was born in Andhra, only Tamilnadu gave me an identity. With regard to Kushboo entering politics I am really happy. Kushboo use this chance to help the women folks. Many are asking me, whether I will join AIADMK and meet Jayalalitha. If they give due importance and call for joining the party then I will think about that.,” .


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    podi ..andhralae seruppadi vaangittu ippo ingay naayi maadiri varey..unnai ellam oda oda verattanum…nee oru alnakaiyee!

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