Roja Malli Kanakambaram shooting halted: director Jagannath

Despite the fact that director Jagannath  last film ‘Raman Thediya Seethai’ was a decent hit, the director is unable to fund his forthcoming movie ‘Roja Malli Kanakambaram’, which has 11 new faces in lead roles.

I am the director and producer of ‘Roja Malli Kanakambaram’. This is the first venture of Maruthi Movie Magic, a company floated by me. The film has three heroes and 12 heroines, with 11 of them being freshers,” he says.

On the difficulties faced by him, the filmmaker says, “But I am unable to shoot the movie due to financial constraints. Hope I could find some resource soon to complete the project.

Jagannath is an actor too. “Many offers are coming my way after my good friend Rasu Madhuravan portrayed me in a beautiful role in ‘Mayandi Kudumbathar’. I am currently acting in four movies, including Madhuravan’s ‘Goripalayam’ and Ravi Maria’s ‘Milaga’.”


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