Richa Gangophadyay

Richa’s focus at this moment lies in Telugu films

Richa Gangophadyay

She made one of the strongest debuts witnessed in recent times in a heroine-oriented script. Though last year’s Mayakkam Enna didn’t scorch the box-office with its collections, Richa Gangopadhyaya’s debut performance as heroine opposite a freelance photographer played with aplomb by Dhanush was highly appreciated by the critics as well as movie-goers.

Richa then followed it up with a pure commercial venture by playing Simbu’s heroine in Osthe, the Tamil remake of the Bollywood hit film Dabangg. She didn’t have much in the film’s script to showcase her histrionics other than indulging in some ‘liberal’ skin show. All of a sudden, this promising Bengali babe’s career seems to have hit a stumbling block as she has no Tamil film assignments on her hands.

When queried as to what happened, Richa flashes her now-famous smile and replies in a relaxed manner. “After Mayakkam Enna and Osthe, I got to listen to as many as 25 scripts but none of them were exciting enough for me to show interest in them. Except a couple of scripts, most of the scripts required me to appear on-screen as a glam-doll. I might start work on those two scripts in the latter half of the year, depending on my other commitments.

“I have also signed up a project in Bengali, my mother-tongue and I also have to complete a Telugu film titled Varadhi opposite Prabhas. Once these two projects are completed, I shall start working in Tamil for the above-said projects. If the sequence so demands, I’m ready to star even in lip-lock sequences but bikini is a strict ‘no’ as my body is not made out to wear such costumes.

“I might do a film with Selvaa again early next year; in all probability, it might turn out to be a ‘fantasy’ film,” concludes Richa.


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