Richard Sathyalaxmi

Richard to wed Sathyalakshmi Kannadasan

Richard Sathyalaxmi
Richard and Sathyalakshmi Kannadasan.

Richard and Sathyalakshmi will soon tie the wedding knot. The actor played top roles in Naalai,Yuga and some other releases in Kollytown and now has Yen Ippadi Mayakkinai,Rendavathu Padam and Koothu as his upcoming releases. He is also popular in Tollywood and has Devathalu filming currently.

Richard known as Rishi to many is brother to Shalini-wife of Ajith and Shamili.Richard and Sathyalakshmi will have an arranged marriage having known each other’s family for a long time and the match made by the elders.Sathyalakshmi is a dentist by profession and also engages herself in movie production .She too has a filmy inclination, being the granddaughter of respected poet and lyricist Kannadasan.Sathyalakshmi’s brother Adhav Kannadasan will soon be making his debut through Pon Maalai Pozhudhu,a movie co-produced by sister Sathyalakshmi.Preparations are in full swing with last-minute shopping and important calls being made for the event.Sathyalakshmi and Richard’s engagement ceremony is scheduled for September 23rd in the presence of family, close relatives and well-wishers. Their big wedding is planned for January 2013 and many celebrities are expected to grace the event



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