RGV attempting to make a movie or trying to proove a point


Look what RGV is up to these days. He has almost finalized a movie with Ravi Teja reportedly a huge action thriller whose shooting begins from February 11 onwards.

Charmi, Ajay and Subba Raju will play pivotal roles. The renowned director claims to complete the flick with just 8 people onboard and mind you that includes the crew. Moreover it will just take 5 days for the completion of the movie according to him.

When normally directors have a 100 to 150 days schedule for a movie with at least 200 people in the crew who get paid for their professional contribution this definitely seems an effort that will take a 360 degree turn as no one in this film including the artistes, technicians and the equipment suppliers would be paid any remuneration for their efforts.

Although he has promised his trustworthy group that they would be rewarded suitably after the release of the film as and when it runs into profits.

He is surely getting the most out of his crew of technicians at the moment.

We also hear Puri Jagannath will be the co-director, while Harish Shankar will be the associate director for the ambitious project.

The film is slated for release on March 11, a calculated 1 month after the date of the start of the shooting.

Well,before we conclude in awe of the director we also wanted to share with you some remarks he had about our country, its not a good idea to associate the same with his professional work but an observant guess surely suggests his interests that arise from lack of technological advancement amongst our people. Here is what he had to say,

We Indians are so great that we take years and years to discover what other countries have already invented so many years ago mera bharat mahaan!

That was a sarcastic RGV for you, what do you guys think? Do you think from music to cinema everything is technology from abroad these days?


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