Kamal Haasan at FICCI Press Meet

Reporter irks Kamal by asking to quit acting

Kamal Haasan at FICCI Press Meet

Known for his perfectionist tendencies, ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan does command a huge degree of respect wherever he goes. Whenever he shoots outdoors or indoors, the place would be silent with technicians an crew making that ‘extra effort’ to keep silent in order not to antagonize the creator in Kamal Haasan. It’s an unwritten rule followed in Kollywood for the past many years for the man who’s completed 50 years in films.

Kamal, however, was put to a great degree of embarrassment by the untimely question of a scribe at a recent press meet where Kamal Haasan spoke in detail about the 2-day conclave on media and business organized by FICCI in the city on today and tomorrow. The irony was that the scribe, who shot the needless question at Kamal, was criticized by even his peers who felt that their colleague was surely breaching the ‘Laxman-rekha’.

When Kamal Haasan was narrating the various programmes listed for the 2-day event which would take place at the Hotel Royal le Meridian in the city, the senior scribe got up from his seat and asked the question which embarrassed not only Kamal Haasan but the many scribes who had assembled at the venue.

The senior scribe asked “Why can’t you, Rajini and Amitabh quit acting now that you have become old?” The question, which was totally irrelevant in the context of the press meet, took Kamal by surprise for a second or two. Recovering soon, though, Kamal shot back at the scribe replying that, “Why don’t you quit your job in the media?” He added that both of them can pass time by sipping tea at a tea-stall.

Without realizing his folly, the scribe continued to ‘elaborate’ his question but Kamal said curtly that the matter could be spoken about after the press meet was over.


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